Why Your Company Should Be Blogging

Company Blog

In this day and age, when the internet has become one of the most popular marketing resources, blogging has become as valuable to a business as other, more traditional, tools. Blogging allows you to reach a larger number of people and expand beyond the local scope of your company. It also ensures your message or product will be captured by search engines, which in turn helps you add value to your company.

Because Google Does Matter

A company blog that is updated regularly keeps a website active, which means it will be captured and indexed by search engines more often than a site that is not refreshed constantly. This allows your website to be given a higher ranking, and in turn become more visible to new customers.

A company blog also allows for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where certain keywords are used to attract viewers to your site. These keywords are determined based on the specific product or service your company offers, and which may not have been used on the main page. Blogging is also a good way to experiment with different keywords that may give more visibility to that portion of your site.

Link building is another advantage to having a company blog. People tend to talk about, post, and link others to things they like or find interesting, and a company blog with a good amount of well-presented content will get people to start spreading the word about what you have to offer.

Blogging Increases Your Website’s Value

By creating content that people will link to, the value of your website, and your company, will increase. Not only will the monetary value increase, but your reputation, credibility, and presence in the online community will also increase exponentially.

A company blog is a wonderful way of augmenting your sales, especially because the customers will be doing the advertising for you. Somebody that reads your blog once will tend to trust your services more if other people are also talking about you, and that will keep them coming back on a periodic basis to see what new content you have to offer.

Involving Social Media

Because a company blog is a virtual tool, it can be transmitted to people in many different ways. Social media, emails, and newsletters will help you reach more people than a printed version of your content would. Keep in mind that social media tends to go viral with things that people like, and that will bring about an explosion of activity that will help promote your call to action, an idea, a proposal, and any other type of content you choose to blog about.

Building Your Reputation

You may wonder how creating content will build your reputation, and the answer is quite simple. As you build your blog and use it to show people your products, advancements, services, and other topics of interest, they will naturally tend to navigate to other parts of your website. This helps you increase your customer base and, since word does get around, they will talk about their experience and recommend you to others, which in turn will drive more people to visit your company’s site.

Another valuable area in which a company blog can be a reputation booster is when you find a negative review of your company or your services. By blogging in a comprehensive manner, in combination with the constant use of your company’s name in your blog, you will eventually place your site way above the negative article in question.

What It’s All About In The End

When people search for companies and other businesses online, they tend to look only through the first few results before settling for a determined one. By blogging often about your company, using business specific SEO keywords, and covering a wide variety of subjects, you will achieve a higher search result ranking, which will allow you to become more visible to potential customers.

Blogging also helps keep existing customers up to date on what has been going on at your company, and what you have planned for the future. It is a good way to announce upcoming events, new products, or introduce new people and changes within the organizational structure of your business.  In the end, a good company blog will keep people coming back for more of what you have to say, time and time again.