Why SEO Is Better Than Online Advertising

SEO is very important for anyone that has any kind of online business. SEO is invaluable for getting more traffic to your website. The more traffic your website receives means the more money you can make. Below are different reasons why SEO is more important that ads.

SEO Is better than Ads

People Are Searching

Many consumers that are planning to purchase a product, service, or need information, turn to the Internet and perform a search. The number of searches that people do on a daily basis has quadrupled since 2007, and Google handles billions of searches on a day-to-day basis.

In most cases, people save money by making purchases online. Many more people are becoming much more comfortable purchasing products and services online. For this reason, the amount of products and services sold online is growing very quickly.

How SEO Can Help Your Business

Using proper SEO techniques for your online business website can help your business grow very rapidly. As a matter of fact, SEO can help your business much more than using advertising. People that perform a search on Google are actively looking for something, whether that be a product, service or just information. There are basically three different type of searchers:

  • Navigational: This type of searcher is searching for a particular website or page. You would more than likely see keywords used like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, or other brand websites.
  • Informational: This type of searching is simply seeking information. The information can be about anything, such as how to do something, about the weather, or something about a celebrity.
  • Transactional: This type of searcher is seeking to do something. They might be searching to make a purchase or to download a free eBook.

When considering your SEO techniques, you should think about these three different types of buyers. A buyer that is brought to your website through the search engines is in one of these buying processes. They are either simply searching, seeking information, or are ready to make a purchase.

When someone reaches your website, it can be very valuable. There is a very good chance this lead brought to you by the search engines will turn into a very good new business lead. You might hear the website visitor has Intent, which means they are looking for what you have on your website. You simply cannot get this type of intent with outside advertising.

SEO is able to provide your online business with much more targeted leads than any other form of marketing. When many people think about SEO, they think it is only about setting up your website so that it is search engine friendly. Have a search engine friendly website is very important for your business, but SEO can also help your business in other ways. Your existing marketing can also play a big role in successful SEO. You can create a website that has very useful and high quality content, but the search engines will not see it if you don’t take the time to market, promote and sell it. If other people do not link to your website the search engines will completely ignore it, which means you will not receive good and high quality traffic to your website.

SEO Generates a Higher Return

The returns that you will see from using successful SEO practices will be much higher than if you use different forms of advertising. For example, pay per click (PPC) ads is very rarely successful to help maximize your profits. It can also be very expensive to advertise in Google’s search results, and the click through rates never make it worth your time and effort. Less than 10% of the people click on ads in Google’s search results. Most searchers will click on an organic type listing instead. Banner ads have very bad click through rates, and most marketers will still invest more money into ads than they will into SEO.

Don’t get us wrong, running online ads is a great way to get a quick return of sales for start-up websites.  But over the long run, coming up with an SEO plan will reap higher rewards in the future.

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