Why Flickr is Better Than Instagram

Do you remember the good old days when people shared photos in albums? Yeah, me neither. Today’s photo sharing options are seemingly limitless, making it easier than ever to share images with the ones you love. While new apps like Instagram have grown in popularity, you may have some concerns about both privacy and quality. A better choice for sharing unique images is Flickr, the classic photo sharing program that’s been around since 2004. Read on for the top 5 reasons why Flickr beats Instagram, hands down.

flickr screen shot

Flickr Resolution is Far Better

Unlike Instagram, Flickr actually stores photos at their original resolution size. When you share photos with your family, they have the option to download the original, high-quality photo, or a smaller size that will take up less space on their computer. Instagram only presents one set size and reduces the resolution. This makes it a lot harder for your friends and family to make physical prints of the images you share. Concerned about strangers downloading your images? Flickr allows you to control the download settings to protect your own privacy and intellectual copyright.

Higher Quality Filters

Before it launched its mobile app, the main argument for Instagram and against Flickr was that you could easily edit your photos using Instagram’s filters and share them on your mobile device. But Flickr recently launched an app for mobile phones and the filters are equal to, if not better, than Instagram’s filters. What’s more, the user interface on Flickr is far more sophisticated, making it easier for you to share and revisit your shots beyond the single moment of capture and click.

Flickr is Just as Social as Instagram

Some people gravitate towards Instagram because of its social aspect and conversation.  Yet people fail to realize that Flickr is just as social!  From their website or phone app you can like and comment on your contacts photos that are uploaded.  Maybe for people to understand, Flickr should rename “contacts” to “following” or “friends”.

Shape Matters!

Square pictures? Really? For those of us who grew up developing actual 3″ x 5″ and 4″ x 6″ images, Instagram’s square default seems like a total joke. Any photographer interested in actually composing a neat long shot has to resort to distracting crops on Instagram. On Flickr, you can post photos in a range of sizes, allowing for a clearer vision and more creative expression. Plus, some things simply can’t fit in a single square.

flickr iphone app


Unlike Instagram, Flickr allows its users to organize their images into albums and sets. This is great for keeping track of special events and trips. It makes your images feel more like memories, and less like a series of visual tweets. Plus, Flickr’s site lets you search and find images from years ago, which makes this site much better for actual archiving your images for the long haul. Instagram may be convenient, but Flickr is much better for the serious photographer and archivist.

Safe Searching

Finally, Flickr is great for families and other users who are concerned about safe searching. Instagram’s hashtags may be clever and fun to use, but they can be easily manipulated by teens to find inappropriate content. Flickr allows for a variety of filters to ensure that the content you seek is safe and appropriate, no matter what your age or taste.