Ways To Improve Your Online Advertising

Improve your Online Advertising

Internet marketing is alive and well, and growing by leaps and bounds.  The environment of the Internet and the virtual business world offer more potential for connecting your business with potential consumers than any other medium, past or present.

Unfortunately, as business owners, we know that every one of our competitors understands this same concept. They are also working just as hard as we are to  figure out how to best maximize their online marketing strategy.  After all, the name of the game is to place our product or company squarely in front of potential online customers.

Here are some tried and true tips designed to help in the race to gain an edge over the competition by putting our very best Internet marketing foot forward.  Let’s take a look at how you can improve your online advertising:

Color Me… Anything Except Yellow

The human eye is designed to be attracted to color.  Custom designing ads to pleasingly complement a website’s color scheme can seriously affect how long visitors will remain on your site and how often they click through for more information or to purchase your product.  Using bright neon colors and flashing lights are counter productive and tend to actually irritate potential customers, instead of attracting them.  And stay away from using yellow as a predominant color on your website design.  It is noted for having the lowest click rate of any color.

Just Say No … To Pop-ups

No contest, pop-ups ads win the trophy for being the least liked of all types of Internet ads.  Most web surfers routinely use pop-up blocking software and a large percentage of the ones who don’t use software routinely just close the pop-ups without even viewing the content.  So all the marketing dollars spent on these ads are not as productive as the same amount of dollars spent on other types of Internet marketing.  Some marketers, however, do see a modicum of success using these ads, but this is a type of “in your face” advertising that only works in some markets.

One Size Fits All?

Internet advertising costs money, sometimes lots of money, so it is important to get lasting value out of each ad you place.  Using standardized sizes as you design ads, such as banners, will tend to keep them “fresh” longer and make them more easily used on other sites without having to do a major overhaul each time.

Where Do I Sign – Err I Mean Click?

Sometimes we just need a little instruction.  Although we all probably know that banner ads are actually a link, sometimes we just need a little sign that says “Click Here for …”.  Seriously, something this simple encourages interaction and is well documented to improve daily click through rates.

No Free Lunch…

Email campaigns use free gifts, and special offers with reasonable rates of return, but these incentives do not seem to be effective when used in Internet marketing.  Marketing data suggests that using these strategies in website banners may have a cheapening effect and cause potential customers to hesitate or lack confidence in the quality level of the product being marketed.

What Can I Do For You?

The persona you project online is directly connected to your overall profitability.  If customers perceive your product or company as valuable, they are much more likely to choose to invest their dollars into your product or service.  A great way to help them see your business or product as valuable is to demonstrate to them .  Highlighting a problem that your service or product can solve for them is a great way to accomplish this and convince the customer that they need your product or service.