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If you haven’t read the background on where this is all coming from, take a look at Part 1. In short, I lost my love for Echofon due to their trainwreck-of-an-update which removed my Flickr integration for a photo service. I searched for other Twitter apps and came up with nothing but horrible apps. A … Continue reading “The Best Twitter App For The iPhone – Part 2”

I’ve always been one to try pretty much any app of a particular market that interests me. I’m usually finicky with what I choose to use on a daily basis because it has to be seamless, intuitive, snappy with a great UI and take care of all of my needs. Twitter applications for the iPhone … Continue reading “The Best Twitter App For The iPhone – Part 1”

The blog world blew up about 5 years ago and from what I can tell it is going as strong as ever.  Everywhere you look you see blogs.  Blogs have been a great tool to express your thoughts, news and your hobby.  Some would even contest that this blog boom has watered down journalism and … Continue reading “How To Support Your Favorite Blog”