The early days of web advertising were rather low-tech and inefficient. Companies used to keep track of ads on paper spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents. Reports on ad performance and traffic were faxed or e-mailed to the office once a week.

Today it is much more complicated. The difference now is real-time data, instant transparency and detailed analytics. How do you measure up to your competition? Is your website doing its job? Is your social media effectively meeting your goals? How in the world do you answer these questions?

Getting people to your website and social media sites and measuring the metrics have become critical components in most successful online marketing campaigns. However, most systems are complicated and highly technical. Don’t worry – we have the answer. The Media Ridge management system are easy to use and do not require much technical expertise on your part. Whew. Thought you were in over your head for a minute, didn’t you?

Our online programs easily scale from a few thousand impressions on a small website to billions of impressions per month. Media Ridge also offers advanced reporting options and detailed control of your online program.

  • Superb support – Our technicians are here to assist and answer questions as you need. And we help you make sense of the reports you receive so that you are looking at the metrics that really make a difference.
  • Competitive pricing – Our pricing is up-front and there are no hidden fees in any of our service plans.
  • High-speed infrastructure – Quick and up-to-date reports are always available and accurate.
  • Guaranteed service – Our fail-safe process that automatically shifts workload to another server should any one server stop functioning.