Why there hasn’t been a serious threat to Google is beyond me.  I mean seriously, there is no real competition.  Bing and Yahoo do try with all of their internet hearts, but they just can’t compete when it comes to search.  It’s like nobody even tries to rank well with them.  Everybody hangs on every algorithm … Continue reading “Why Twitter or Facebook Should Develop a Search Engine”

In this day and age, when the internet has become one of the most popular marketing resources, blogging has become as valuable to a business as other, more traditional, tools. Blogging allows you to reach a larger number of people and expand beyond the local scope of your company. It also ensures your message or product … Continue reading “Why Your Company Should Be Blogging”

A flash opening screen, outstanding, in-depth graphics, and even a carousel of images fill the first page of your website. While it looks great and definitely makes your business seem professional, it slows down functionality of the site, the one thing customers are looking for the most when visiting a business’s website. Some websites simply … Continue reading “Function First, Design Second”

E-commerce is a rapidly growing business.  Retail oriented e-commerce grew 15% in 2012.  A record $186 billions dollars worth of retail transactions took place, reaching 10% of the discretionary spending of Americans.  The growth in online retail transactions far outpaced the growth rate for overall retail spending by over two-fold.  This rapidly growing market leaves … Continue reading “How Shipping Prices Affect Online Shopping Habits”

Keywords have power. They are the terms used by prospective customers and those keywords present your ads to the customers looking for your products. Dynamically keyword insertion is a superb feature offered by a select group of Internet ad marketing engines, including the famous Google Adwords. Using Google Adword’s Dynamic Keyword Insertion(DKI) increases the visibility … Continue reading “How To Dynamically Add Keywords to Your Google Ads”

Internet marketing is alive and well, and growing by leaps and bounds.  The environment of the Internet and the virtual business world offer more potential for connecting your business with potential consumers than any other medium, past or present. Unfortunately, as business owners, we know that every one of our competitors understands this same concept. They … Continue reading “Ways To Improve Your Online Advertising”

You should think of the landing page of your website as an introduction. This is your virtual first impression. Your landing page will tell visitors the purpose of your website and what it has to offer them. If your landing page is not stellar, your visitors will lose interest and leave before clicking other pages … Continue reading “How To Effectively Create a Landing Page”

According to Invesp Consulting, shoppers abandon approximately six out of ten online shopping carts. Consumers have a very clear idea on how they want a sales transaction to go. Websites that fail to meet those expectations risk losing sales. It’s important for a business owner to pay close attention to the do’s and don’ts of e-commerce … Continue reading “The DO’s and DON’Ts of an E-Commerce Website”

SEO is very important for anyone that has any kind of online business. SEO is invaluable for getting more traffic to your website. The more traffic your website receives means the more money you can make. Below are different reasons why SEO is more important that ads. People Are Searching Many consumers that are planning … Continue reading “Why SEO Is Better Than Online Advertising”